Tales of Tomorrow

Tales of Tomorrow was a science fiction series that ran on ABC from 1951-1953. I came across the show as I was looking for episodes of the original Outer Limits on YouTube. I decided to watch the series since there wasn’t many Outer Limits episodes online. I enjoyed the pilot episode enough that I may try to blog about the show. So stay tuned.


Black Lightning Debuts Next Week!

I can’t wait for this show to debut. I’m sadly behind on the other CW superhero shows. It’s good to see a Black American superhero have his own show. I also like that the cast is an all-black superhero family. I hope that the show succeeds in every way possible.

Photo courtesy of the CW.

Second Letter From Steve Ditko

So, this is the second letter that I received from legendary artist Steve Ditko. I took a picture of it to prove that I’ve actually been talking to the famous artist/recluse. I asked him about his days with Charlton Comics and if he preferred working with small publishers over big publishers. Ditko was blunt in his response as he liked being a freelancer. He also doesn’t dwell on what he has done in the past. I enjoyed what he wrote about what people try to do with their lives. Making the best possible life out of a flawed world.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Lash (myself).

Red Dead Redemption: Sharpshooter Challenge

Red Dead Redemption features many challenges that players can do to help John Marston become a legend of the West. My favorite challenge so far is the sharpshooter challenge. So far, I’ve made it through 6 ranks. The challenges have been easy so far.

Challenge 6 was quite intimidating as I had to shoot the hats off of 2 people. I was able to do this by completing a story mission. It would be best for players to try this on bad guys so players won’t lose any of their honor. Rank 7 isn’t that difficult it looks like it as it to shoot and kill 3 bears in the head. Rank 8 and Rank 10 seem hard because players seem hard as players have to disarm bad guys by shooting their guns. I may have a challenge with that. As for Rank 9, that seems easy to take out 6 wild animals before reloading.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer and his show has been on for years. It’s still as outrageous as ever. I will admit that the show is absolute trash. However, I enjoy watching the absurd behavior. Seeing people fight each other over dumb stuff in their lives is hilarious.

I would like to attend one of his shows. It seems that most of his audience is college students. I fit in this demographic. I would like a chance to grill the guests like the audience gets to do. That would be fun.