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The Batman (S1:E3): “Call of the Cobblepot”

The third episode of the first season features the debut of The Penguin. The Penguin is different from his past interpretations in other media. In The Batman, he still has his short, chubby build along with his pointy nose. The show did change his hair color from black to a orange color. That’s not the… Continue reading The Batman (S1:E3): “Call of the Cobblepot”

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Spectacular Spider-Man (S1:E1): “Survival of the Fittest”

Spectacular Spider-Man has been a cartoon that I have yet to watch until now. I’ve read on the series and that many Spider-Man fans love it. The series only lasted a couple of seasons then it was cut short. While I was doing research on the show before watching, fans would say that this show… Continue reading Spectacular Spider-Man (S1:E1): “Survival of the Fittest”

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The Batman (S1:E1): “The Bat in the Belfry”

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation  The Batman may not be the most well known animated series that features The Dark Knight, but it can say that it was very successful. The show began in 2004 and it definitely put its own stamp of creativity on the Batman universe. The series can be defined as… Continue reading The Batman (S1:E1): “The Bat in the Belfry”

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Wrestlers With the Most Devastating Clotheslines

The clothesline–a wrestling maneuver that looks to easy to do, but can be painful if done right. The clothesline is where a wrestler will strike their opponent with their entire arm in a forward lunging motion either standing or while running. Usually the wrestlers who happen to have the most devastating clotheslines are power wrestlers… Continue reading Wrestlers With the Most Devastating Clotheslines