Recent Xbox 360 Additions

I’ve been adding to my Xbox 360 library. The games are ones that I’ve had before. This week, I added back Batman: Arkham Origins, L.A. Noire, and Mass Effect. It’s good to have them in my possession again. L.A. Noire is one of my top five games of all time. So glad to have that gem back.


Xbox 360

I bought a Xbox 360 recently. I did have a PS3 but it started to malfunction. I purchased a 360 so I can play games from the last generation. I do plan on owning another PS3 in the near future as I want to become a gaming collector. I want to start collecting games as much as I do comics.

Marvel’s Spider-Man at E3 2018

What an explosive demo of Spider-Man at E3. I didn’t expect to see what looks like to be the formation of the Sinister 6. All of the villains look great with amazing armor detail by Insomniac Games. Meanwhile, the fighting mechanics looked smooth as it may have taken inspiration from the Batman Arkham series. The web-slinging chase scene with Spidey trying to stop Electro shows how fluid the web system while keeping the action entertaining. Spidey truly is in trouble it looks like and I can’t wait to help him.

Photo courtesy of Insomniac Games.


Who remembers this duo? 2 badass ninjas: Noob Saibot and Smoke. They were a team in Mortal Kombat: Deception. I always thought they were harder to fight than the Deadly Alliance (Quan Chi, Shang Tsung). Although the Mortal Kombat universe has been overhauled, I wouldn’t mind seeing these 2 team up again.

Red Hood Grind

So I bought the legendary edition of Injustice 2. The legendary edition comes with all of the downloadable content. All of the characters and extra skins. I finally get to play with Red Hood. I’m going to grind it out with him to see if I can get good with him.

Brief Thoughts On Deadpool 2

Before I begin, I will warn folks that there will be spoilers in this conversation. Deadpool 2 is a successful sequel to its predecessor. The movie is humorous with meta jokes that even all audiences can understand. Both Deadpool films are similar with their presentations, yet manage to stay fresh. I wrote brief, noticeable thoughts about the film.

Key Notes:

-The cameos are even better this time around. Fans do get to see the X-Men briefly. Of course, the film features the first incarnation of the X-Force, which is where the most interesting cameos happen. Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon all appear. Brad Pitt had the true shocking cameo that surprised audiences. Matt Damon’s cameo is a redneck talking about toilet paper which is funny.

-All of the new characters that didn’t cameo made the film fresh as it gives Deadpool new people to interact with. Cable and Deadpool have a fierce rivalry that has plenty of entertaining fight sequences between the two. Domino is an interesting character because she has luck for a superpower. She’s a potential breakout character because it’s fun to watch luck be on her side in the film’s huge chase scene. If X-Force is a movie that does get made–Deadpool, Cable, and Domino better be a part of it.

-One big problem in Deadpool 2 is fridging. Now fridging is where in stories a female character will be killed in order to make the male character show weakness. Vanessa (Wade’s love) is killed and it makes Wade extremely depressed. Makes him weak. This is causing controversy for the movie.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10.