NCAA Football Dynasty Journal: Army Football (Bowl Season)

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports.

I finally finished year 1 of this dynasty. I’m behind on talking about it so I’ll just speed things up. I finished the regular season 8-4. I, somehow, shutout Georgia Tech and dominated Army’s rivals (Air Force, Navy). I found out that I’m good at stopping option offenses. 

The bowl game that I got to play in was the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. I was excited to play in it. I know some people that play the game strive to win national titles, but I’m out to play in different bowl games. I defeated Cal in the bowl game. I have actually kept up with my bowl record through all of the years and all of the different college football games. I’m 31-0 after my Army win. Not too shabby. 


Doctor Fate Tattoo

Photo is by Vance Bishop and art is as well.

I finally finished my Doctor Fate tattoo! My artist, Vance Bishop, did a great job of making the colors pop! Bishop based the look off of the Earth-2 Doctor Fate from the Earth-2 comic series (the New 52 line). My pale skin also helps as well to make th colors bold. Bishop is a tattoo artist at the Stay Bold shop in Florence, AL. If you’re in the area, let him tattoo you sometime.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Releases Today!

Photo courtesy of Capcom.

As a geek, I’m excited for today. I can’t wait to play this game. Sadly, I’m not familiar with the Capcom universe like I am the Marvel universe. Hopefully this game, along with a little research, will teach me more. I can’t wait to use Hawkeye and Spider-Man. Two characters that I’ve always enjoyed. I’m a little disappointed that characters like Black Panther and Venom will be downloadable content. I wish they were included on disc. Anyway, I can’t wait to have fun! 

NCAA Football Dynasty Journal: Army (Week 7)

Photo courtesy of EA Sports.

So, in week 6, I managed to upset Boston College. After I won, I had to play the Rice Owls. I was the favorite in the game and even I thought that I should defeat Rice. WRONG. DEAD WRONG. 

Rice used a fast spread offense that didn’t huddle at all. Rice and Army are evenly matched on NCAA Football 13. Though they are, Rice played me as if they were Oregon. I was defeated 24-0. Embarrassing loss for me. I actually called excellent defensive plays. My guys weren’t talented enough to keep up with the tempo. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck against Toledo (doubt it).

Mortal Kombat Funko Pops!

Photo courtesy of Funko.

Finally! Funko is making Pops based on the Mortal Kombat franchise. These are the Pops that I’ve been waiting on. Funko announced that there will be Pops of Raiden, Goro, Kitana, Liu Kang, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero. Scorpion and Sub-Zero are getting more Pops than the other characters. I’m happy for these though kinda disappointed there won’t be a Johnny Cage. Hopefully Funko will make a wave 2 with him. 

NCAA Football Dynasty Journal: Army (Week 6)

I’ve been playing NCAA Football 13 for the past few weeks. I recently wrapped up the first year of a dynasty with the Pittsburgh Panthers. I didn’t stay with Pitt for long. In my second year, I signed a 2-year contract with UCLA. I love playing in the PAC-12, man. 

Anyway, I always have several dynasties running on my game. I’m working on my Army dynasty. I’ve played with Army before. I like using Army because they’re in the independents and I can schedule to play whoever I want. The last time that I used Army, I went 10-2 and I had 3 1,000 yard rushers. I also was playing on varsity. Now I’m on All-American. I can’t even reach those numbers. 

This week, I have Boston College at home. I just finished defeating North Carolina in an upset victory at home. I won 9-6. 3 field goals and the third one with the time expiring. Nice. I’m rocking the all camouflage uniforms for this game. The next post will let people know if I won or not.