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The Batman (S1:E3): “Call of the Cobblepot”

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Animation.

The third episode of the first season features the debut of The Penguin. The Penguin is different from his past interpretations in other media. In The Batman, he still has his short, chubby build along with his pointy nose. The show did change his hair color from black to a orange color. That’s not the only noticeable change as The Batman makes The Penguin more of a dangerous foe. 

The Penguin isn’t an arms dealer in the series. He’s actually a jewel thief that uses different types of birds to do his bidding. I thought that this was an interesting touch. It shows that Penguin is perfect in his planning and has deep knowledge of how to train birds. The Penguin’s birds are also rare breeds such as the owl that he uses in the theft scene in the beginning of the episode. So not only is The Penguin collecting valuable jewelry, he’s also collecting valuable birds.

The Batman also makes Penguin an expert fighter who has female characters that are his backup. Instead of having strong men as his henchmen, he has Asian women that hide in masks that are of oriental descent who are tall and skinny. They’re superb fighters who use sharp claws at the end of their hands. Penguin isn’t too shabby himself as he is very acrobatic in the show. In a scene where he runs from Batman, he jumps up in a tree and flips to different limbs in order to avoid capture. He’s also able to jump in the air to execute kicks which isn’t like Penguin at all. 

This episode is solid and my favorite so far out of the season. It establishes Penguin as a more well-rounded character. He can kick ass. He’s also the smart, money-hungry thief that fans expect to see. I’m loving The Batman so far due to these interesting variations on the rogues gallery of the Batman comics. This is a variation done well.


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