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Recluse and Extrovert #1: A Spinal Jolt 

Nakia is at the club with her crew. Nakia has in a sew-in that gives her long straight black hair. Her bangs are combed straight down coming close to covering her eyes. She has on a tight black dress. Her figure is slim with wide hips, thick thighs, and perky breasts. She’s on the dance floor with different colored lights gleaming on her black skin. 

“It’s about time that I had a ladies’ night.”
Nakia is laughing and talking to her friends.  One of her friends whispers in her ear that a man is checking her out from the bar. Nakia looks at the black man at the bar. He’s got on a royal blue dress shirt with a royal blue tie along with black dress pants. He has a muscular body with arms that are toned. His head is shaved and he has a black neatly trimmed goatee. 

“Working hard and remaining undercover has taken its toll on me.”

Nakia looks away, letting the music consume her once again. Then she feels a shock go up her spine. Luckily it’s not powerful enough to stop her dancing and be noticeable to her friends. But Nakia knows what the feeling means.

“Is he using his powers?”

Nakia takes a break from dancing and makes her way towards the bar. The bartender is a short black woman with an afro. She is skinny with piercings in her nose and ears. She has on a tight purple dress. The man with the royal blue dress shirt notices that Nakia is at the bar. Nakia knows he’s there but pretends not to see him. 

“What would you like to drink?”

Before Nakia can respond, the man speaks up first.

“I wanna buy whatever she feels like sipping on.”

Nakia laughs at the man and smiles at him.

“What if I want the most expensive drink?”

The man laughs at Nakia. 

“Money ain’t a issue.”

Nakia looks at him with big eyes. 

“Okay, big baller. I’ll have–”

Another shock goes down Nakia’s spine. The man notices it.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine,” says Nakia. 

Nakia looks at the bar’s items for what she wants. 

“I’d like a glass of wine. Also, what’s your name?”

“It’s Derek and get this woman a glass of wine. As for me, I’ll have a beer.”

“Okay, Derek.”

Nakia gets her glass of wine, while Derek gets his beer. She holds up her glass for a toast. Derek puts his beer beside her glass.

“Here’s to an amazing night,” Nakia says. 


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