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The Brave and The Bold #28 (Part Two)

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

Picking up where I left off, Green Lantern takes on one of the starfish that Starro called to action. The starfish is trying to attack an Air Force pilot and co-pilot in an airplane over the Rocky Mountain National Park. The starfish breaks inside the plane to steal an atom bomb. The starfish leaves the plane with plenty of damage. So much damage that the plane begins to plummet to the earth where Green Lantern arrives to save the pilots. After Lantern saves the pilots, he chases the starfish in the sky. The starfish activates the bomb giving it atomic energy, while Lantern protects himself in a force field. The starfish uses the energy to fight Green Lantern, but Green Lantern is too much to handle. Lantern wins the duel turning the huge starfish back to normal. 

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

The next starfish deputy of Starro attacks the Hall of Science in Science City. The duo of John Jones (Martian Manhunter) and Wonder Woman takes on the evil starfish. The starfish plans to steal the brainpower of all the scientists inside the building. The starfish lifts the building off of the ground trying to get away with the scientists while Wonder Woman and Jones are in hot pursuit. Wonder Woman manages to get atop the building while Jones uses his super-breath to blow pieces of meteors at the starfish. The starfish uses its atomic energy to fend the pair off, but it doesn’t work. The pair wins and frees the building from the starfish’s clutches.

Starro’s deputies are a threat though so far the League can handle everything they have. Lantern makes fast work of his deputy, while Manhunter and Wonder Woman have an easy challenge. Gardner Fox (writer) using the meteor pieces from outer space where Superman is is a clever tie-in though readers don’t see Superman visually. Fox makes sure that the other members of the League are out working though they don’t play a part in the story. 

Part 3 is coming soon where I’ll finish up with The Flash taking on the final deputy and the whole League fighting Starro.


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