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I haven’t been a reader of fan fiction until now. If it wasn’t canon, I didn’t want to read it. Now I understand that it’s a good way for fans to have their voices heard. Fans all have their own stories for their favorite characters, but it’s very likely that their stories won’t ever be published. That’s why they write fan fiction for the internet so their stories can be recognized.

I would like to write my own story. I would like to write a story focused on Doctor Fate from the DC Comics universe. Doctor Fate is one of my favorite characters that doesn’t receive as much attention as I think that he deserves. I’d like to write of a Doctor Fate from a different universe where Kent Nelson is wearing the Helmet of Nabu. I know that Nabu can control Nelson through the helm and influence him. I would like for the two to get along and have Nelson influence Nabu to embrace humanity more. 

As for a villain, I thought about it being Raven or Constantine. It would be interesting to see one of those two as a formidable opponent for Fate. I would want my story to affect Fate mentally and emotionally. As a fan, I know being Fate would affect Nelson. I want other life situations to affect him such as romance or the responsibilities of being a hero. This could be a fun project for me. I’m also definitely okay if it never gets published.


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