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The Savagery Has Subsided 

The word “savage” has become popular in our culture. Whether someone is unleashing a powerful insult or someone is conquering something physically, people have come to use the term “savage” to describe it. I used to be “savage” I suppose. I mean, not on a level to really offend anyone. I say that I was on the level of That ’70s Show. I would like to insult my friends, but not on any level to drive them away. 

As of this year though, I don’t crack jokes on people anymore. I’m not what is deemed “savage.” I have been all about doing good deeds this year for people. Now don’t get me wrong–I still have a spine. I’m not afraid to be blunt to someone if I feel like they’re crossing a line with me. I’m not going to insult them. Just let them know where they’re doing wrong. 


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