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Two Songs That Helped My Heartache and Made Me Stronger 

I’m no musical expert. I’m just an average fan who has basic knowledge. I do know that music can affect emotions and match emotions that are being felt. For anyone that keeps up with my blog, I went through a tough breakup earlier in the year. There were two songs that played on the radio during that time that made an impact on me. 

The first song is Michael Kiwanuka’s “Cold Little Heart.” I remember the first time that I heard the song this year. I was driving home from work while it was raining. I was depressed thinking about my breakup then this song played. The song is long as it begins with a lengthy intro which features Kiwanuka playing a fiery yet passionate guitar solo. After the solo, Kiwanuka starts to sing with a powerful voice that’s deep with soul. His lyrics speak of a person who has made mistakes and is losing the person that they hold dear in their life. I wouldn’t say that I made plenty of mistakes in my relationship, but I did blame myself for the breakup. I shouldn’t have because I treated her with the utmost respect. We just had personalities that weren’t a match for us.

The second song is “In A Drawer” by Band of Horses. Band of Horses is an alternative rock band that I’ve grown to admire. “In A Drawer” is a song that gives me nostalgia. My interpretation of the song is that reflects on past memories of growing up and trying to keep a relationship together. The song captures what it’s like to want to keep a relationship together though it may not be the best thing.

Now when I hear these songs now, I smile. They helped me to grieve my breakup and move on. I appreciate the sound they have while loving the lyrics. It’s amazing how life situations can cause us to become attached to music. 


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