Nonfiction · Writing

The Watcher

My eyes that are the color of the deep blue sea has been watching the world spin every day. I take in my surroundings as I watch people and animals interact with each other. I think of all the things that I see deeply. I also take in what I do keeping it under constant consideration. This is how I see it.

I like seeing events that will lead to a smile but also leave pain in my heart. For example, seeing a 11-year old Labrador wag its tail playfully at its owner. Its happy to see their companion. In the back of my brain, I’m glad to see that though I know the dog’s time on this earth is winding down. I hope the owner makes the dog feel good with its remaining years.

I see the world changing around me. The world is become increasingly more violent. Terrorist attacks everywhere and hatred being spewed every day. Humans can’t get along at all. It’s sad that we can’t achieve such a feat. Life doesn’t seem as safe as it once was.

I know that I’m in control of the choices that I make. I have made plenty of kind choices so far. I haven’t had the urge to be savage. I haven’t had the urge to be blunt. I’m not going to tell someone how they should do it because it’s their own life. I’m too busy trying to figure out my own life’s course. I’m going to continue to be kind and see where these choices lead me.


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