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Calling All Cars #12: Water Works (Part Two)

Jobee, Mojo, and I walk on a concrete path that’s between all of the different attractions of the park. Twisting yellow slides that lead to pools of baby blue water. A splash pad where water shoots up from the ground has kids splashing all in it. There’s a pool with a waterfall pouring into its fancy shape that has a bar towards one of its sides. Then, all of a sudden, everybody starts to avert their attention towards us. 

All of the men are staring at Mojo. Some of the women are looking and some are mad at the men for looking. Mojo doesn’t acknowledge the men, but does take notice of some of the women. The kids are staring at Jobee. Some are fascinated while some are afraid. The parents have to reassure the children that Jobee won’t eat them. Max Patronas with his jet black hair slicked back and his red lifeguard shorts has his eyes all on Mojo. 

Patronas is the most attractive man in the water park. He’s chiseled from head to toe with water glistening over his body. He climbs down from the lifeguard seat towards us. Jobee and I are looking at him while Mojo looks away.

“Hey, Mojo,” says Max. “Why are you hanging with these losers?”

Jobee growls lowly at him and I’m about to speak until Mojo gives me a hand gesture to not say anything. 

“First of all, these two happen to be my best friends. Secondly, get back to your post.”

The people watch and gasp. Max gets angry.

“Get back to swimming!”

The people look at Max angrily, then go back to having fun. Max is shocked by what Mojo said.

“How can you not like a man like me? I’m the most attractive man in this dump.”

Mojo looks at me, smiles, looks back at Max, and frowns. 

“You’re attractive, but I need more than that. I need a good, strong personality. I don’t need someone that’s too full of themselves.”

Max looks at us frustrated. He tries to think of what to say. Mojo looks at him confidently.

“Plus…I don’t want to date anyone at the moment. I’m too busy with my own needs.”

A beautiful white woman walks by us with long wet brown hair. She has on a black bikini with firm breasts. Her physique is slender with tan skin. Mojo takes her glasses off to get a better look. Mojo looks back at Max. 

“Like I said, I have needs.”

Max lowers his head while Mojo signals to us. 

“Come on, boys. Let’s have fun.”


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