War With Depression 

Depression can be rough at times. I’ve definitely had bouts with it this year. I found that writing about it seems to help me out. It’s good to talk to people about it, but I prefer writing about it. I prefer writing cause I don’t like talking about my problems with other people. 

I’m writing these posts to help other people that are going through the same things. I feel like Elliott Alderson from Mr. Robot without the expertise in computer science and the struggles he has with DID. I’m narrating the truth about my life to people that read this blog. These are the thoughts inside my brain. 

Depression is no joke, especially considering the influence that it can have over the person with it. Usually when I’m depressed, I just want to get away from everything or I just want to sleep. Driving around in my truck helps clear my head. I love sleeping though I will admit that’s not always the best idea for depression. It’s not good cause I think that it could lead to isolation. Isolation isn’t good to do during a bout of depression because it affects physical health. 

I keep thinking about traveling to a new place to get a fresh perspective on life. It could open my eyes as to what to do. I could figure out what to do with my life. That trip to the west coast that I want is very appealing right now. Portland (Oregon) during the rainy season sounds soothing.


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