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Burrito Burn (Part Two)

Jerry and Riri head to the bedroom for the fun that’s about to happen. Riri goes into the bathroom while Jerry gets undressed in the bedroom. Jerry gets completely nude. Jerry is slender with toned muscles and a solid abdominal core. His skin is pale with freckles covering his shoulders. His body is hairless. His long blonde hair is clean and curly. He lays on the bed waiting for Riri to enter. 

Riri comes in wearing a purple silk robe. She smiles at him while walking towards him. 

“You look great in purple,” Jerry says. 

“Tell me something that I don’t know,” Riri says. 

She sits beside him on the bed and takes her robe off. Riri has large breasts with a flat stomach. She has a shiny silver belly button ring that glows against her brown skin. Her hips and thighs are thick in build. Jerry’s stomach rumbles loudly. 

“Is that gonna be an issue?”

“No, baby, no,” Jerry says. 

“Well, come and get me then.”

Jerry sits behind Riri, kissing her neck and rubbing her thighs. His hands move upwards to her breasts which he starts to caress gently.

“Oh, how I have missed the girls,” Jerry says.

Riri chuckles at him and puts her hands on top of his. Jerry pulls Riri onto the bed and has her lay down. He spreads her legs to unveil a cleanly shaved vagina which is dripping wet.

“Are you ready to tame this queen?”

“Yes, I am,” Jerry says.

Jerry lays on his stomach to begin licking Riri’s clitoris. He licks gently while inserting a couple of fingers inside of her. Jerry finds her spot with his fingers and begins working the spot. As Riri’s body starts to quiver from the stimulation, Jerry’s stomach growls along with painful cramps. It’s so bad he grimaces and he stops licking Riri’s clit. She looks down at him with a serious face. He smiles at her while withstanding the pain.

“I’m good, bae. Don’t worry.”

Jerry gets back to work and brings Riri to climax. Riri’s body rocks and a smile comes across her face.

“Look at bae smile.”

“Yeah…it’s time for that dick.”

Jerry climbs on top of Riri to set up for missionary position. While Riri is catching her second wind, Jerry inserts himself slowly inside of Riri’s warm pussy. He thrusts slowly and looks into her eyes passionately. Then another painful cramp hits his tummy and he makes a surprised face. Riri looks at him curiously.

“You didn’t nut did you?”


The pain stops so Jerry continues to thrust. Riri begins to run her fingers through Jerry’s hair. Jerry goes deep with each thrust. While his butt crack opens up, some flatulence slips out which smells awful. Riri looks at him angrily.

“Nigga, did you just fart?!”

“It slipped out.”

Riri pushes Jerry off of her. Then Jerry freezes in pain. 

“Bae, go to the living room now!”

Riri sees his pain. She immediately goes to the living room.

“Let me get out of here.”

Jerry rushes to the toilet to pass the painful bowel movement. Riri sits on the couch and turns on the television.

“No more burritos in this house.”


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