Seeing Things Differently 

It’s amazing what working another job can do. It can make people see things differently. I started working for my city’s gas department. I enjoy the job so far, as it has made me feel a new sense of pride. I haven’t felt like this since I was in college. 

When I go to my older job, I look at people differently. I wonder why they have settled for this place instead of striving for more. Don’t get me wrong–this place has the potential for growth. It has the potential to make more money. I guess I’m someone who wants more out of life. I don’t want to settle for anything, so that’s why I started working for the city.

I’m glad that this new job has made me humble. Some people may become arrogant or prideful when they achieve something others don’t. I’m not that way thankfully. I want to inspire others to achieve the best out of themselves and do what makes them happy. Life is short so make it beautiful.


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