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Words For Me (Part Two)

I decided to shorten the title a bit, but here’s some more words. This is keeping up with the last post, which is where I talked about the present. 

Eater – Who doesn’t love food? I love food and I enjoy it. I’m trying to learn how to cook different things. I’m trying to learn new recipes. I do think that I could eat more healthier. Most people that I know would tell me that I already do that. I will agree, but I know that I’ve been eating unhealthy food more lately. That’s mainly because of stress or because I just don’t care. I can do better though I do want to make a Dr. Pepper ice cream float…

Dreamer/Believer: I am a dreamer. A big one to be exact. Now I have dreams that are achievable and some that are not. For example, my dream of living comfortably by working 2 jobs is within my reach now. That’s a dream that can be worked on and accomplished. I have other dreams that can be accomplished such as being a competitive archer or creating my own web comic. Now the bad side of being a dreamer. Sometimes dreams can’t be conquered, especially if they involve another person. I had the dream that I could fix things with my ex. But that was MY dream. If it’s not the both of us, then it won’t work. I need to have dreams that are attainable. 

Observer/Watcher – I like to take in my surroundings. I like to see how people interact with the world. I like to see how people speak with one another and how they react around me. One thing that I need to work on is paying attention closer to the people that I let into my life. Some people may seem great on the surface, but they could be toxic underneath. Toxic people aren’t people that a person like me, who has anxiety, needs in their life. No one really needs anyone like that in their life.


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