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Words I Would Liked To Be Described By (Part One)

Everyone likes to be described a certain way or be remembered for something they did. There are positions or titles that I could call myself now and there’s some that I would like to gain. I’ve tried to make a list of positions that I’d like to become in the future, while also noticing the ones that I am in the present. All of the positions I know that I could definitely be better at. 

Now the purpose of this post is to inspire myself and readers to challenge themselves to do better. Or challenge themselves to take up a hobby that could bring them happiness. Also, take what they are in the present to see if any changes need to be added or if it’s okay with what they have. People are always constantly changing into what they hope is their better self. These posts will tie in along with my past blog posts about rebirth. So here are some words I deem myself to be now here in the present.

Worker – I believe in hard work. I like my job, but it’s not something that I consider to be a career. I am working on making my future brighter by landing a job with the city. I will work for my city this summer in their gas department. I hope to impress my bosses enough to land a full-time position so I can have a career. This goal of mine is something that I must achieve. 

Loner – Being a loner can be a good and a bad thing. It can be a good thing because I can definitely work on achieving my own goals. It helps me to stay driven to the point where any task is achievable. The bad thing about a loner is the loneliness. My circle is small with a few family members and a few friends. That doesn’t help me with my depression. One of the best things to do when dealing with depression is to reach out to people. It’s good to have conversations with people that I care about.  I should try this more often and try to speak to people more often. 

I’ll make another part to this and add on more later.


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