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Dreaming Away 

I’ve been working on myself and achieving inner peace as of late. I’m trying to find a second job or a full-time job. I’ve felt ready to embrace the single life again. But, at times, I get lonely. We all do really. 

I’ve read some articles that say that one of the best ways to handle loneliness is to travel. Take a trip to a random place. I think about traveling sometimes when I get lonely. Just hitting the road to anywhere I wanna go. Leaving behind everything for a while to better myself.

I dream about traveling to a coastal town or a town that sees a lot of rain. I enjoy watching rainfall. It doesn’t bother me to walk through it at anytime. A coastal town sounds nice because I’d be near the beach. Getting to see the waves rock every day would be a blessing. 

Am I the only one that thinks about doing this? I imagine that I’m not. I just think about leaving out in the night and going to get lost in a new place. Heck, even stay if I like it enough. They’re all dreams for now.


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