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Hawkeye #1 (2011)

Photo courtesy of Marvel.
Hawkeye. Hawkguy. Matt Fraction and David Aja’s spin on the Avenging Archer will be a memorable take on the character for years to come. The creative team showed readers what Clint Barton’s life is like when he’s not avenging the world. It makes the comic have an indie vibe to it instead of a superhero feel. 

The first issue lays the groundwork for what’s to come. The issue introduces the reader to Barton and his fellow neighbors of the apartment complex where Barton lives. All of his neighbors are polite people who are getting screwed by the building owner who happens to be over a gang of men who wear track suits. Barton doesn’t like these jerks so he decides to stand up for these folks he lives with. This begins a rivalry that lingers towards the end of the series.

Barton comes off as a noble man as he sticks up for his neighbors. He also manages to make a new friend in a dog by the name of Lucky. Lucky becomes a key supporting character of the series, even starring in a couple of issues later. Kate Bishop isn’t featured in this issue, but does get involved in issue three. 

Barton has funny dialogue thanks to Fraction. It helps readers enjoy his character even more. Also some of Barton’s memorable quotes such as “Okay, this looks bad” gets featured on several occasions throughout the series, beginning here. Barton usually says above quote in dangerous or hilariously awkward situations. The series makes Barton a fun character to behold in scenes of dialogue. 


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