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Calling All Cars #11: Water Works (Part One)

Jobee and I drive to the water park looking for a good time. The Lennington Water Park has plenty of swimming pools, slides, diving boards, and even a man made river for tube riding. Jobee and I make it to the park then head to the entrance waiting on Mojo.

“I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing,” Jobee said.

“I know, Jobee. She’s gonna be beautiful.”

We see Mojo Cocoa and it’s as if she’s walking in slow motion. Her black hair with red highlights is in a ponytail. She has on sunglasses that has black frames with red lenses. She has on a red swimming robe around her, concealing her bathing suit. She smiles at us.

“Hey, boys.”

Jobee and I at the same time say, “Hi.” She looks at Jobee and laughs.

“You’re drooling, man.”

Jobee wipes his drool away as I laugh at him. She stands in front of me, putting her hand on my face. She looks into my eyes deeply.

“How are you?”

“Good,” I say.

“I could get lost in those eyes that remind of the ocean,” she says.

I smile at her, then she pats my face.

“Let’s go have a good time,” she says. 

We follow through the entrance on the way to our adventure.


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