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Anxiety is an odd thing to say the least. I always figured that I had it. Every once in a while, I’d suffer from an anxiety attack if I got too stressed. I always wondered why I overthink things and come to find out, it’s cause of anxiety. 

Some people have triggers that cause them anxiety. I realized that if I’m in a relationship and it goes sour, it can cause me a great deal of anxiety. Also, my partner can cause them too. The last two women that I was with could be considered to be toxic. Toxic relationships aren’t healthy for anyone. I was smart enough this time around to realize the toxicity and move on quickly.

Relationship anxiety is no fun. I was always worrying about pleasing my significant other. I have to learn to tone down on the worrying, which being around toxic people doesn’t help. I just have to be patient and hope to find an upbeat, positive woman.


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