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Burrito Burn (Part 1)

Jerry and Riri are ready to have a romantic evening at home. Jerry has been hyping up the night by sending Riri sexy texts throughout the day. Riri has had a well needed day at the spa that was paid by Jerry. While she has been gone, Jerry bought some scented candles and some purple satin sheets for the evening. She’s thankful for him so she picks up Mexican food from their favorite place and his favorite, The Fireball Burrito. 

She gets home and looks beautiful. She has her hair down with her black natural curls flowing down. She has on a purple dress with a bold purple shade of makeup on. She smiles at Jerry with a glowing smile that could move mountains. Her black skin glistening in front of him. Jerry can’t contain himself so he walks over to her. He starts rubbing on her thighs and she smiles at him. Riri puts her hands on his, stopping his motion.

“You need to eat first,” Riri says.

“I’m about to eat something,” Jerry says. 

“Eat your damn burrito,” Riri says laughing.

Jerry opens up his bag from The Fireball Burrito. He unwraps the paper around the burrito known as The Flaming Bean Burrito. Different peppers and chiles are combined in this burrito. Jerry gets shrimp coated in chipotle tossed in with the beans. Riri watches on as he devours this spicy concoction inside of a flour tortilla.

“How do you eat all of that spicy food?”

“I have an iron stomach,” Jerry says.

“Whatever,” Riri says.

Jerry finishes his food. Jerry tells Riri to get herself ready in the bedroom, while he freshens up. Riri sees the bedroom with the sheets and the candles.

“Baby, these sheets are beautiful!”

Jerry is brushing his teeth when he hears her. 

“I know. I figured you would–”

Jerry gets a painful stomach cramp. 

“–like them.”

Riri hears his pause.

“You okay, baby?”

“Yeah…I’m good.”

“Well hurry up! I’m not gonna wait forever.”

“I’m coming,” he said.

“Oh, you’re gonna be,” she said. 

Part 2 is coming soon! Haha coming! 


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