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Todd Rundgren, That ’70s Show, and Conflict

I did post a while back about That ’70s Show and here I am doing it again. Last time I talked about the tornado episode from season four. This time, I’m going to talk about the pilot episode of the first season. Why? Because it actually has played an important part in my life.

Now I imagine whoever is reading this is wondering how an episode of a television show can be important in someone’s life. Well let me explain what happens in the first episode of That ’70s Show. The gang go to a Todd Rundgren concert. At the end of the episode, Eric and Donna kiss for the first time. While they kiss, Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me” plays in the background. Every time I watch the pilot episode, I hear the song and it immediately takes me somewhere else in my mind. 

I decided to look up the song after watching the pilot again and I’ve been listening to the song on YouTube. The song seems to be about a breakup lyrically. I read the comments from people on YouTube. Some people said it gave them nostalgia about their days in high school. Granted, this song came out in the ’70s, so people were reminiscing about their childhoods from way back when. Then some would talk about their love or a breakup that the song reminded them of. 

When I hear the song, I think of the good memories that I had with my previous ex. Although I haven’t spoken to her in a while, I know that I’ll always have her back. If someone was to ever hurt her, I’d protect her. I’ve had to think about a lot. It’s hard for people to be there for an ex. It’s understandable. I don’t give up on people though and I can see a bright future in a friendship. It will take time though and I accept that. I hope for us to be friends and share our growth together. 


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