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Calling All Cars #10: Max Patronas

Max Patronas…the most attractive man in the town of Lennington. He’s suave. He’s smooth. He’s Latino. He has jet black hair that he keeps slicked back. He has brown eyes that twinkle like stars. His face is without facial hair and he has broad cheeks. He’s in shape with a muscular frame. And, then finally, he hates my guts.

Why? Because I’m the only man in the town of Lennington that has made love to Mojo Cocoa. Patronas thinks that he should be able to sleep with her primarily based on his looks, but that’s not how Cocoa operates. I’m the only man that Cocoa has slept with because she’s used to horny men who have big egos coming into the club. It makes sense why she mainly has sex with women. I’m the rare exception because she knows my personality and she enjoys my company. 

It’s also rare for Cocoa to mingle in the public, but she decided to this time. She’s going to be going with Jobee and I to the water park. The only problem is that Max Patronas happens to be a lifeguard there. Well that’s not really a problem. Cocoa has shut him down plenty of times and I can’t wait to see her do it again. 


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