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Clint Barton

Photo courtesy of Marvel.
Clint Barton (Hawkeye) has been my favorite character from Marvel for a few years now. I’ve always liked characters who didn’t have super powers. I liked Hawkeye, but he didn’t become my favorite until Matt Fraction’s comic run on him. Fraction showed Barton’s life when he isn’t Hawkeye or when’s he’s not an Avenger. Fraction’s stories showed how Barton handled situations in real life and showed his human side.

Barton is a Marvel hero that’s just like us. He has flaws and he wants to makes things right though his ways may not be the best. He reminds me of myself. I want to help people, but I may not do right. Or they’re someone who doesn’t want any help. Barton did this in Fraction’s Hawkeye where he decided to leave town for the safety of the people living in the apartment and he gave his bow to Kate Bishop. Barton thought it was right, but it wasn’t to Bishop. Bishop didn’t take the bow and told Barton to fight for these people.

Barton wants to do what he thinks is best though it can make him seem selfish. We all have been there and done that. Sometimes what we think is gonna work isn’t the best options. That’s what makes Barton a great character. He’s the soul and the heart of the Avengers because of his interactions with people. 


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