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Dead By Forty

There are some people out there who would like to live as long as they possibly can. Until they’re like 100 or something. I wonder if there’s anyone who would like to die younger? I can see there being people who wouldn’t want to live too long in life. I could see myself being one of those people.

I’ve always wanted usually to live to the ripe age of 70 or 75. That’s if I’m healthy. But, sometimes, I’d be okay if I died younger. I think I could get a lot accomplished by the age of 40 or 50. I’ve already accomplished a lot by the young age of 25 and there’s only a few things I’ve got left to achieve in life. 

All I know is life is precious and we all need to make the most of it. Our time could be up at anytime. I think people are at ease about life cause there’s the possibility that they could live for a long time. I say live like tomorrow is your last or you’re dying. I think then everyone would give life their best.


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