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What Would You Do If You Were The Atom?

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

The Atom has been around since the golden age of DC Comics. Ray Palmer is the most noticeable Atom and he is able to shrink to microscopic sizes thanks to his custom suit. Palmer first appeared in Showcase #34 during the Silver Age where he would use a dwarf star to shrink and save himself. After Palmer’s tremendous feat, he would later become a star in his own comic series and join the Justice League of America. So my question is: what would you do if you were the Atom?

I know what I would do. Firstly, if it’s from a realistic standpoint, not a comic one, then I would shrink to mingle amongst tiny animals in their habitat. It would be interesting to walk within an ant habitat to see how they work together. Or to get inside a bee hive to watch the bees make honey. Even better, I could ride a bee as it heads to pollinate flowers. I think it would be fun to be used as an instrument in perhaps healing someone from an illness. Put on a protective suit, get the antidote needed, and go inside the human body in order to cure.

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

As for what I’d do if I was the Atom in the DC universe, there’s plenty that I’d do. I’d team up with Batman and he could use me as a gadget from his utility belt. He could throw me in the air and I could change back to normal to scare the hell out of the bad guys. I could throw on an aquatic suit, go undersea, and ride dolphins with Aquaman. The possibilities are endless really. What would you do?


2 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Were The Atom?

    1. He’s in the current universe. He’s being held captive and Ryan Choi (the new Atom) is trying to find him. Their adventures are in the new Justice League of America comic.

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