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Green Lantern #16: The Secret Life of Star Sapphire! (October 1962)

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

In this classic Green Lantern story, Carol Ferris becomes the villainous Star Sapphire for the first time. The story was written by John Broome and the art was by Gil Kane. Hal Jordan, who’s Green Lantern, has to do battle with Carol Ferris who’s his romantic interest. Not only is it hard for Jordan, but it’s hard for Ferris as well. It’s hard for her because her love interest is Green Lantern though she doesn’t know that Lantern is secretly Hal Jordan. 

The story introduces the Zamarons, who are similar to the Amazons of the Wonder Woman universe. The Zamarons are from a planet that shares the same name and they want Carol Ferris to become their queen on their planet of all females. Ferris tells them that she can’t come due to her love for Green Lantern. So the Zamarons bestow Ferris with the star sapphire, which is a royal gem their queen wears that grants powers. They do it to prove that Green Lantern is nothing. Ferris becomes the Star Sapphire and fights her love though she doesn’t want to. Ferris loses, angering the Zamarons and causing them to take Ferris back to earth. Ferris wakes up, not remembering a thing, while Green Lantern is there. He finds a star sapphire and thinks about connecting it to Ferris. 

Although this tale introduces a popular female villain, it feels as if Broome was inspired by Wonder Woman. The Zamarons are similar to the Amazons as they’re an all female group though their queen always looks the same. The Zamarons always choose a woman that’s similar looking to Ferris. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) takes a supporting role to Ferris in this issue. This issue spotlights Ferris and her love for a superhero which is strong enough to keep her from becoming a planet’s queen. 


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