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Calling All Cars #8: The Hypnotic Therapy From The Hips of Mojo Cocoa (Part Two)

Mojo Cocoa leads me to the VIP section of the club where dances take place. The doorway has strings of red beads in front of it where we have to walk through. After that, it’s a hallway full of rooms on each side. There’s two guards watching the rooms just in case a customer decides to act out. Cocoa picks a room, tells me to go in, and whispers to the guard. I can feel my heart racing as it always does when I’m here to see Mojo Cocoa.

We enter the room which has a huge wooden carving in the shape of a heart on the wall. Roscoe Pinter, the owner of the club, happens to make wooden sculptures in his spare time. He loves women…and wood. He also made the chair the men sit in for their lap dance, which if it wasn’t for the leather cushions, would be uncomfortable. I take my seat and Cocoa has her eyes locked on me. 

Cocoa comes to me and sits on my lap. She smiles and begins to work her hips in a circular motion.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Jay. You must’ve had a lady in your life.” 

I smile and I nod my head.

“Yeah, I just broke up with her. She’s a beautiful black woman, but I’m not what she’s looking for.” 

Cocoa looks at me with angry eyes that aren’t for me. Then she puts her breasts in my face and pulls my head towards them.

“She’s missing out, Jay. If she doesn’t like you for who you are, then move on.”

I speak to her with my head in the middle of her breasts. My words are mumbled.

“Itsch hard to. Thatsch why I came to see you.”

She kisses me gently on my forehead and removes her breasts from my face. 

“These hips are the best therapy in the world besides my love making. You’ve experienced both. And you’re the only man that’s experienced my love making.” 

I look at her in amazement as I think back to the time we had sex.

“I’m proud to have that honor. I imagine the ladies you’ve slept with are always satisfied.”

She starts rubbing my bulge and looks deeply into my eyes. I feel as if I’m entering a trance. 

“Once we begin, Jay, she’ll be nothing, but a memory. You won’t care for her anymore. Are you ready for a physical high that will be hard for you to come down?”

I nod slowly while lost in her bold brown eyes. She pulls off all of my clothes.

“Let’s begin, Jay.”


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