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My Writing Inspiration 

It’s crazy what can cause you to be inspired to write. Before this month, I was maybe writing blog entries once a month or twice a month. My recent breakup and my recent bout with anxiety actually triggered my need to write. I’ve done so much better this month blogging as I’ve written 13 posts and I hope to do more before the month ends. I’ve never had this much production out of myself like this before.

The most proud thing that I like about this month is the development of Calling All Cars. First, it was just me being random and writing off-the-wall stories. Now it’s become an ongoing story that features the characters of Jay and Jobee the Bear. Jay is based off of myself and Jobee is based off of a close buddy of mine. I featured my breakup in there as well and it really helped me to get through my breakup. I hope to maybe turn it into a web comic. 

It’s been a good month for me and writing. I hope that I can continue this onward. Happy blogging, everyone!


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