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Calling All Cars #7: The Hypnotic Therapy From The Hips Of Mojo Cocoa (Part One)

Jobee and I are on our way to the strip club. I drive a white truck and Jobee rides in the bed area. It’s still raining plenty in our small town of Lennington and it’s making it hard for me to enjoy this trip. The rain is causing me to still stay in my emotions, but I want to have a good time with Jobee. Jobee is in the back of the truck with wide eyes and his tongue flapping in the wind. He says, “Girls, girls, girls!” I laugh at how he looks.

We pull up to a huge wooden building with a bold blue neon sign that says “Pinter’s.” There’s two smaller pink neon signs, one on each side of the blue sign. It’s neon silhouettes of naked women. I’m hesitant as I get out of the truck while Jobee jumps out of the truck, causing it to rock violently. I glance at him with angry eyes. Jobee notices.

“Oh, shit. Sorry. I’m not trying to break our ride.”

Jobee and I walk through the entrance. There’s a big stage with the flooring made out of wood with a few silver poles littered throughout. On the stage, there are 5 women dancing. There’s two Asians, one white, and two blacks. There’s women of different races walking the floors and they’re wearing nothing, but their underwear. They all start to recognize us. They all wave and come to chat, but my eyes are glued on Mojo Cocoa. 

Mojo Cocoa finishes her routine on stage and walks down the steps towards me. Cocoa has long black hair with red highlights at the end. Her eyes are a bold brown and they grip my heart as she gets closer. She’s completely nude with perky breasts that are a C-cup. She has a tattoo on her ribs of red roses and a black belly button ring. Her waist is slender with thick hips and a juicy booty. Her private area is cleanly shaved and the club’s light glistens on her skin. She stops in front of me and puts her her hand on my chest.

“Hey, Jay. It’s been a while…Let’s go catch up.”


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