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Calling All Cars #6: Atlantaen Depression 

I’m laying on my couch which is made of black faux leather. I’m wearing a white hoodie with the hood on my head and my hair is coming out of the hood. My hair is covering my eyes and I also have on a pair of navy blue basketball shorts. The light from the television is the only thing that’s illuminating my living room. It’s raining hard outside and the drops are beating the roof relentlessly. I hear thunderous knocks at the door and Jobee screaming, “Let me in, dude, it’s lightning!”

I respond by saying, “Hang on. I’ll get you a towel.”

I grab a huge beach towel that’s blue and red with a superhero on it. The superhero is The Spectacular Shrinking Man, who’s shrinking as a part of the towel’s art. I open the door and Jobee is standing in the downpour looking at the sky. 

“Come in, man.”

Jobee comes in and I hand him the towel. I close the door and then go back to the couch to lay down. Jobee is drying himself off while standing on the door mat. 

“Dude, are you still watching The Amazing Aquagod?”

I don’t look at Jobee and I keep my eyes glued to the television.

“Yeah. I’m still watching it.”

Jobee finishes drying himself off and sits down in the huge recliner that I bought for him.

“We gotta get you out of this funk. You’ve been watching this shit the past 2 days.”

I glance at him with hair-covered eyes.

“This shit happens to make me happy at the moment. Did you forget what today is?”

Jobee starts to ponder the question and then he has a realization.

“I’m a fucking bear. I can’t always remember dates and shit.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day, you furry fuck.”

Jobee’s eyes grow big and then he stares at the television for a moment.

“Mojo Cocoa misses you at the club.”

I look at him and smile.

“She started my fascination with black women. She taught me the ropes.”

“Let’s go see her,” Jobee says.

I turn my attention back to the television.  

“I don’t know if the club would be the best place for me to go.”

Jobee stares at me and I can feel his stare so I look at him.

“Jay…you’re a good guy. You’re not weak. You were good to her and one day she’ll miss what she had.”

Jobee and I hear a scream on the television. Amazing Aquagod has on a blue and green suit with long, straight blonde hair. He has summoned a shark to eat a bad guy and there’s blood coming from the villain. Jobee roars in excitement and says, “So fucking gnarly!” I smile and nod my head in agreement.

“You’re right,” I say. “Let’s go see Mojo.”


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