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Calling All Cars #5: Burying Those Sacred Gifts From Misty Pryde

I’m standing in the backyard with Jobee. My backyard is a garden of different fruits and different vegetables that I’ve been growing with Jobee. Behind the garden is a forest full of tall trees that Jobee will often stay in when his bear traits overtake his human traits. Today, we stand at the squash section of the garden. We were growing squash for my ex who loves it, but she’ll no longer be around to watch it grow. 

I’m standing beside Jobee holding a cardboard box full of items that Misty Pryde gave me. Jobee has a shovel digging a small hole for me to place all of the items that she gave me. Misty Pryde is a black woman who is short like me who’s thick in her thighs, big breasts, and has juicy lips that I’ll always remember. The items that I’m burying are a superhero shirt that smells of her perfume and a stack of comics that she purchased for me. I can’t find the strength to toss them in the garbage and the garbage can is full too. 

Jobee finishes digging the hole, puts his paw on my shoulder, and looks at me.

“This is the best move to make,” Jobee says.

I look at the box and take it in.

“Yeah, yeah. I know, man. It’s the right thing to do.”

Jobee pats me on the back and takes a step back.

“Do it, man. Put that box where it belongs!”

I nod in agreement and I get on my knees to stick the box in the hole. I take the dirt surrounding the hole and start to cover the box. I cover the box, pat the dirt, and stand back up on my feet. I feel proud of myself for a brief moment. Jobee is definitely happy about me.

“I’m proud of you! You don’t need her! She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on!”

I start staring at the small mound of dirt. I feel the memories starting to flow into my brain like blood would into my heart when we would kiss. Jobee notices that my happiness has subsided.

“Jay…are you okay, bro?”

Then my emotions begin to take over.

“I need to sniff the shirt again!”

I dive towards the dirt and start digging for the box. Jobee joins me on the ground and tries to stop me.

“Dude, stop! What the fuck are you doing?”

I grab the box and I get out the shirt. I try to pull it to my nose to sniff, but Jobee stops me.

“Get the fuck off, Jobee! Let me smell her one more time.”

“No! Fuck that shit. I’m ending this.”

Jobee rips the shirt by sticking it in his mouth, clamping down with some exposed out of his mouth, and pulling the rest with his paw. I watch on in shock. 

“You…you ripped it, man. It was–”

“A symbol that you two are done and you need to move on.”

I look at Jobee with the shirt in his mouth. Then I look at the squash and I nod in agreement.


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