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Where Would You Go If You Were The Flash?

Photo courtesy of DC Comics. 

You’re the fastest person alive. You have super speed and the ability to run so fast that you can tap into the speed force. So knowing that you’re The Flash, where would you travel to? Would you stay in the present? Or would you time travel to the past or the future? Which places would you visit?

Now I know that with time travel that there’s the possibility that you can change the past or the future. I’m discussing that in another blog entry that features Booster Gold that’s also from the DC Comics’ universe. Let’s just figure out an amazing place to go during anytime period. As for me, I’d use my super speed to travel to various places during the present. I’d probably travel to Oregon or Washington state regularly as I feel as if they’re states that I’d enjoy. Japan and Australia would also be places that I would have to explore as well. 

Others will be different from me. Maybe someone wants to go back in time to watch Elvis Presley in concert or Jimi Hendrix shred on his guitar. Then someone may want to jump ahead in time in order to take a vacation that they can’t wait for. I’d probably be on vacation every day after work if I was The Flash. Just use my GPS to send me in the direction of wherever I wanted to go.


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