If You Could Time Travel Like Booster Gold, What Would You Do?

Photo courtesy of DC Comics.

Booster Gold is one of my favorite superheroes. He first appeared in his own comic series in 1986. Gold is a comedic hero who gains most of his abilities from his suit that he wears, which has plenty of gadgets. Some of the gadgets are energy-blaster gauntlets, force-field projector belt, strength suit, visor with different types of vision, and ring that grants the ability to fly from the Legion of Super-Heroes. I’m not here to talk about his gadgets though. I want to talk about Booster Gold traveling back in time via a time machine.

Booster Gold originally was born in the 25th century as Michael Carter. He played pro football successfully, but he liked to fix his own games for money. He lost it all and landed a job at Metropolis’ Space Museum. This is where he found an exhibit on superheroes from the 21st century and he decided to help himself to the gear that I mentioned above. Gold traveled to the 21st century and turned his life around. He still was about making money as he used his fame as a superhero to sign endorsement deals, but he did become a better man. He earned a spot as leader of Justice League International and got to take care of problems on a global scale. 

So would you travel back in time and change your life like Gold? Would you try to see if you can repair a relationship with a former flame? Would you say goodbye to someone you didn’t get to? Very deep questions there. Let’s make it fun now.

What if you were Gold? You could team up with any Green Lantern that you wanted. You could tag up with Hal Jordan or jump to the future to see who has replaced him. The possibilities are endless with what you could do. 


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