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Calling All Cars #4: Jobee the Bear

Jobee the Bear has been my friend for a few years now. He’s a tall black bear that’s covered in fur who acts like a human. Actually, he used to be a human. When he was a human, he had long, curly brown hair with a goatee. He was shorter than now and had a muscular build except for his stomach. My buddy liked to eat. He’s in his mid-twenties like myself. As for myself, I have long, shaggy blonde hair with a blonde beard that definitely needs to be trimmed. As for me, I’m short and scrawny. 

So how did Jobee become a bear? He needed money to pay for his mom’s chemotherapy treatment so he decided to be a test subject for a scientist who was developing a serum that would give humans the traits of animals. Instead of keeping Jobee human and giving him traits of a bear, the bear’s DNA turned Jobee into an actual bear. He still kept his human characteristics, but now he’s living in a bear’s body. 

Although he is a bear, our community is very supportive of him. Sadly, his mom still passed away from her cancer. She loved her precious fur man and thanked him for trying to save her life. She told him that she was proud of him no matter what. I’m proud to call him my buddy and these stories are our adventures.


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