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Part Two of Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1963)

Picking up where I left off, Vulture heads to New York and tosses messages to 3 different places in order to taunt the city. He drops off messages at Jameson Publishing Company, The Radio Network, and New York Police Department. While Vulture threatens to steal the diamonds, Spider-Man’s on his trail trying to snap a photo of him. Vulture notices that Spider-Man is following him and does a backwards flip mid-flight via his wings while Spider-Man is adjusting his camera. Vulture knocks out the unsuspecting Spider-Man with a powerful kick and dumps the unconscious hero in a water tower atop a building. 

After Parker gets home from his thumping, he works all night on a device to stop the Vulture. The next day, the Vulture goes through with his diamond heist by using the sewers and coming from underground instead of the air above. Vulture eventually leaves the underground and takes to the skies towards his base with the diamonds. Spider-Man sees him and fights him in an aerial battle. Parker uses the device he made which cause Vulture’s wings to malfunction and not work. Vulture is nothing without them and he falls to a nearby building where the police apprehend him. Parker gets photos of Vulture’s arrest and gets a huge pay day from J. Jonah Jameson for them.

This issue turns out to be a good one for Parker. He does get defeated early in the book by Vulture, but he devises a way to defeat him. Then gets a great amount of money for his photos that helps him and aunt May. Parker isn’t down his luck in this story and he’s more upbeat. 


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