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Aquaman…Let’s Hope That You Don’t Suck On Injustice 2

Photo courtesy of Netherealm Studios and Warner Brothers Games.

Dear Netherealm, please make sure that Aquaman is just as dominant on Injustice 2 as he was on Injustice: Gods Among Us. This is a concerned gamer that’s writing to you. I’m good with Aquaman and that’s who I use to kick the most ass with on the first Injustice. I understand that it’s possible that I may not be good with Aquaman this time around, but I hope that isn’t the case. He needs to stay agile, strong, and deadly with his trident. He looks kind of sluggish in the gameplay that I’ve seen, but still powerful.

On a side note, I hope that Blue Beetle turns out to be a fun character to use. He looks great in his gameplay videos, especially with how the scarab is involved. I just hope that Jaime Reyes interacts and speaks to the scarab like he does in the comics in the game. It would set up for hilarious humor spots cause other characters would want to know who  Reyes is speaking to. 

I hope that Netherealm is considering putting The Atom on the game, though it may difficult. It would be difficult due to the fact that Atom can shrink to very, very small sizes. It would be interesting to see how Atom would look under the game’s gear system and the various armors that could be applied. If Atom is included, I figure that Ryan Choi would be the Atom of choice, though I would hope that Netherealm would include a Ray Palmer skin for us who love the Silver Age. 


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