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Part One of Looking Back at Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1963)

Photo courtesy of Marvel.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 is the first appearance of The Vulture into the Marvel universe. The Vulture is quite an older villain for the young Peter Parker, but he has plenty of wit to use against the wall-crawler. The Vulture debuts on the first page of the comic in his boldly green and feathered suit. He is also bald and his face shows his age by the several wrinkles that are on his face. Steve Ditko did a fantastic job with this design and also manages to make the elder villain look like an actual vulture via his bony facial structure.

Stan Lee shows from the first page that The Vulture is a thief. He makes off with a man’s briefcase that is filled with bonds that are worth a lot of money. The Vulture has built up notoriety for his thievery and his ability to fly with his huge wings without making much of a sound. He catches the eye of J.Jonah Jameson who wants photos of Vulture and is willing to pay top dollar for them. Cue Peter Parker, who hatches a scheme to get photos of the green garbed villain while being Spider-Man. 

Stan Lee makes Vulture a man that always has an articulate plan. His next big heist he plans out on the second page though he does get help from a newspaper. Vulture discovers that the Park Avenue Jewelry Exchange is moving a million dollars worth of diamonds across town and he knows that his plan has to be sneaky since the people of New York all know about him. I would like to quickly mention my admiration for what Lee and Ditko decided to use a hideout for Vulture and that is an abandoned silo in Staten Island. And it’s neat to see Ditko’s drawing of Vulture flying out of the silo towards New York to handle business. 

Part 2 will be coming out soon.


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