Calling All Cars

Do you believe in hype? I believe in rain. Sunshine is great with its yellow rays of light, but it can’t make your body tingle like a few drops of cold, high quality H2O. H2O all over the commode. My woman gets angry and says I can’t aim. The reason why she took a shower this morning says otherwise.

Glue dripping out of the bottle onto a black construction paper canvas. It’s been a while since I was involved with arts and crafts. The last thing that I made to be proud of was a draft. A draft of a short story about this chick I knew whose last name is Bartholomew. She loved stew and had a weird fascination with the Pokémon, Mewtwo. I was into role play, but I didn’t like smacking her ass while acting like Ash.

Paranoia is bothering my friends and offering them drinks. There’s nothing like the comfort of whiskey on the rocks or a glass of chocolate milk to slurp then blow bubbles into with your straw. You haven’t had that much fun since you farted while enjoying a bubble bath with your significant other. She didn’t like the ripple effect, but you know that you did. 


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