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Video Game Nostalgia: Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

Everybody that’s a gamer has that one or a few video games that has meant a while to them for a few years. In my case, it would be Ultimate Spider-Man (2005). There are plenty of Spider-Man games out there in the world. Some people like to choose Spider-Man 2, the game based off of the Tobey Maguire led film, as the best Spidey game. I beg to differ as Ultimate Spider-Man to me is a game that stands out amongst other Spider-Man games and superhero games.

It stands out to me because it’s a game that has a freedom appeal to it. What I mean is is that it’s a game that I can escape from the world with. So what exactly does the game have that draws me into its world? First, I’ll discuss the game’s visual look. The game sticks to a comic book/ cel shading look that helps the game be similar to its comic book counterpart. The colors are bright when it comes to the characters and the scenery infused with shadows that give the game dark lighting for when the game shifts from day to night. 

I remember the first time I played this game and how all of the character designs astonished me. Green Goblin, Carnage, Beetle, and Electro were the true standouts to me. Electro in his pure form, which is a baby blue color, really went well with the neon lighting of Times Square when I had to face him. Goblin is an actual goblin unlike the classic Goblin look which is a costume. Beetle has an armored look and I will say that I think his robotic suit could give Iron Man a run for his money. Carnage is gnarly and quite frightening. He is slender with bold yellow eyes and a huge yellow chest surrounded by the red/black symbiote. 

The story can be ran through briefly, but it is intriguing. Peter Parker is in high school and he has a close connection to Eddie Brock (Venom). Parker’s father and Brock’s father collaborated together on a project and developed the symbiote. Peter Parker discovers the symbiote and wears it, but abandons it as it is making him angry. Brock eventually gets it and becomes a force that Parker has to stop. The story has interesting twists such as Parker being Carnage instead of Cletus Kassidy. The story also lets players be Venom, causing destruction and being able to feed on humans. Venom has to feed on humans in order to retain health, which makes players feel like a true villain.

I recommend this game to anyone who has never played it. It’s fun and it’s a neat twist on the Spider-Man universe. The game is on PS2, GameCube, Xbox, PC, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. It’s definitely now a retro superhero game.


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