Nonfiction · Writing

The Little Things

Every once in a while, we stop to take in our surroundings. We glance away from our phones or look away from our tasks at hand. Or we’ll do an action that brings us serenity even if the action is wrong to others. It could be anything. What’s yours?

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys the stars in the jet black night sky and how they twinkle above you. You grab your camera and snap the stars all together in their glory. Or do you like the sound of rain pounding the roof of your home? Laying in bed, resting, and watching the rain drops sprint down your window. Happy from the fact that your body is in a state of rest and a well-needed nap is coming.

You could be more noticing of the little things in your relationship. You like the way your partner looks at you or holds your hand. How your partner’s kiss is different from your partners of your past. Romance may not be the companionship that makes you smile. It could be just having a night out with your friends. You smile at seeing them laugh and the one friend who always orders the same thing at any restaurant.

It could be something bad that makes you feel a rush. The blade is clean, chrome, and sharp. You could be somebody who wants to watch the sharp edge pierce your flesh and watch the red river flow free onto the earth. Is that you? I hope not. Then again, I can’t stop you from the thing that you crave.

We all have our little things that we notice or enjoy. Some are good and some are bad. Just stop every once in a while to take things in.


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