The Batman (S1:E2): “Traction”

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation/DC Comics

The second episode of the first season, “Traction”, begins with a couple of mobsters discussing on how they should get rid of the Batman. A third one joins the men and suggests hiring a mercenary by the name of Bane. In the photo above, this is Bane in his human or non-Venom form. This is how he appears to the mobsters and his background may seem more mysterious in the show than his comics’ background. In the show, he’s from the Amazon and he uses performance-enhancing drugs to become powerful. 

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics.

First, a brief side note. If you notice in these photos, the sky is purple in this episode. I, for one, really dig it. The sky is odd, but I think it stands for how this show wants to think outside the box. 

Batman comes across Bane in the streets of Gotham. The two begin to brawl and Bane isn’t amped up on Venom yet. Batman dominates Bane and Bane decides to change the playing field towards his advantage by using Venom. The Venom turns him into a huge red monster which you can see in the above photo. Bane precedes to kick Batman’s ass, causing multiple bone fractures. Batman has to put himself on the shelf until he figures out a way to fight Bane. 

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics.

This huge robot above is the Batbot and I am a fan of it. I sometimes wonder if Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo where inspired by this episode when they created their own robotic Batsuit for their comics run. Batman takes on Bane in this suit and Bane destroys most of it, even tearing off a limb from the suit. Batman defeats the jacked up beast with an electrical shock.

The episode keeps the show entertaining and the action is the main reason. Plenty of interesting fight sequences between Bane and the Bat. The show does progress the subplot of the GCPD coming after Batman as Detective Yin and Detective Bennett make appearances at the end during the final fight scene. Yin gets involved during the fight and almost gets hurt. 

Bane also is probably the most noticeable piece of this episode. He is a contrast to what fans normally see Bane as. I loved this take on the character though he somewhat reminds me of Red Hulk from Marvel. Still, I give credit on taking a character and changing him into a new appearance. 


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