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Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 (2016)

Photo Courtesy of DC Comics.

Jaime Reyes returns as the Blue Beetle in DC Comics’ Rebirth. Jaime Reyes became the Blue Beetle in 2006 as he was introduced into the DC Universe via the Infinite Crisis storyline. Reyes has starred in his own comic book series before. His first solo series started in 2006 and was written by Keith Giffen, who has now returned to the character. Giffen manages to team Reyes with Ted Kord, who previously held the mantle of Blue Beetle.

In this first issue, the readers are introduced to Reyes and his friends in the city of El Paso, Texas. Reyes is trying to settle an argument between his friends when Kord calls him and tells him that’s he needed in the city. Reyes gets angry with Kord cause Reyes has school and doesn’t want to be late. Reyes reminds me of other heroes who are reluctant at times of the powers they have. Reyes agrees to meet Kord and the two go after the criminals causing trouble. Reyes fights the criminals while Kord watches Reyes to see what all Reyes can do thanks to the Blue Beetle scarab. Reyes gets help from Kord against these rock men who can put their body back together when it’s broken apart. The issue ends with a mysterious woman who’s out to take down the Blue Beetles and Doctor Fate telling Kord about how important Reyes is.

The relationship between Kord and Reyes is the best highlight of the book. The two share hilarious banter while Reyes fights the criminals. Reyes completely respects Kord though Kord agitates him. Another great thing about the mysterious woman is that she happens to be the mother of one of Reyes’ friends. So this will be interesting to see how this will play out. Hopefully, Blue Beetle will get an audience that will keep it alive for a while.


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