Advice for White Men Who Want To Speak To Black Women

I’m white and I like a black woman. Interracial relationships are becoming more common in the world, but it’s usually between a black male and a white female. It’s normally not between a white male and a black female. At the moment, I’m not in a relationship with the beautiful black woman, but we have become close friends. I hope that in time I will be in a relationship with her, especially if things keep running smoothly. I’d like to share some things that I’ve learned from her about black women.

Black women are strong and bold individuals. They are goal oriented, striving to achieve certain things such as obtaining a college degree or a high-paying position. Black women like men who are similar in this. They want a man who isn’t lazy and a man that can provide. Also, they want a man who has goals for himself that he wants to achieve. 

Be confident around black women, but not too confident. Be yourself and be honest with her about your life. Don’t act like a player and don’t let your head swell when you’re talking about yourself. You’re just going to turn her away from you. You need to be interested in her as well and don’t be afraid to ask questions. They’re not afraid to answer them.

Ask black women about their culture. After all, if you’re pursuing a relationship, these are things you need to know. Don’t go into it blindly. Ask them about their hair if you want. Ask them why are black people so energetic at church. Ask them why they’re in church all day. They appreciate you wanting to learn about them, instead of making your own assumptions.

I’m still early in my journey of learning about my female companion. I hope that it continues to be great like it has been. I want this to help any white men that are looking into dating a black woman. There’s no need to be afraid. Just be yourself and be confident in what you do.


4 thoughts on “Advice for White Men Who Want To Speak To Black Women

  1. I was/am married to a white man of 17 years and it’s been the worst experience of my life. Maybe it was the fact that I was too strong for him or maybe he was not enough man for me. He was very immature and childish. Either way I regret the marriage and wished I’d chosen better. Seventeen years down the drain…

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