Have you ever wondered what makes a good person date a bad one? Like you can clearly tell that the bad person does the good person wrong. The people not in the relationship can clearly make the observation that the good person is getting treated wrongly. With that being said, what exactly makes a good person want to be with someone bad? 

Are they blinded by love? Is the person so set to make the relationship work that they don’t see what’s going on? Does the person forget about their happiness while trying to make the other one happy? Interesting questions to consider. But maybe the good person thinks that they can save them. 

They know what’s causing the bad person to act the way they do. Maybe the person has health issues. Maybe they had an awful childhood. Someone did them dirty or something happened to make them like that, didn’t it? We don’t really want to accept the idea that they’re just that way, do we? That’s a possible truth though that we must consider.

Can that person be saved? It’s possible. Anyone can. If you don’t like something about yourself, you can get rid of that trait. It’s hard, but it can be done.


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