A Stray Storm

The weather is slowly beginning to change around here. The days aren’t as hot as they once were even if August is one of the hottest months of the year. Dark blue and gray storm clouds have begun to embrace the skies. The wind is having a pleasant coolness to it and it’s a sign of what’s on the way. But it’s not the only change that’s on the way…is it? What else could be arriving along with the fall?

What’s the change that is coming your way? Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it needed? Is it wanted?

Change is like a storm that appears out of the blue. The weather forecasters missed it on their radars. You can be fearful for what may come with the storm. Some people are. The fear of the rumble from the thunder. The glowing strikes from the lightning. The heavy drops of rain beating down on this green earth. But I don’t think you fear any of those things. The thunder’s vibrations you have grown to appreciate. The flashes of light you have grown to admire. The falling water you have grown to let it liberate you. Let its moisture be a noticeable new layer over your skin.

If you can handle a storm, then you can handle change. Hopefully it’s a change that is beneficial to your well being. A change that you want. A sort of change that you welcome with open arms as you do those rain drops that fall upon you.


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