DC Collectibles’ Icons Toy Line

Recently, I’ve decided to start collecting superhero action figures. I’ve always been interested in what DC Collectibles has to offer in their toys and how they design them. DC Collectibles has many different toy lines such as a line based on Batman: The Animated Series, a line based on the DC animated film universe, a line based on the Batman Arkham game universe, and various lines pertaining to different comics such as the Icons line. The Icons line has been the first to really capture my attention. 

The Icons line will take a DC character from a certain comic and adapt it into a figure. For example, Blue Beetle is a part of the Icons line and it’s based off of his Infinite Crisis appearance. A lot of the comics that each figure are based on happen to be comics that I’ve never heard of, but that’s a good thing. It helps introduce me and other collectors to comics that we may not have heard of before.

Right now, I’m going after the popular characters such as Green Lantern and Aquaman. I do like the inclusion of other characters who may not receive as much love as others. Characters such as Black Adam, Deadman, Atomica, and Mister Miracle. There are more characters coming to this line later this year such as Joker and Wonder Woman. It’ll be interesting to see how long DC keeps this line going.


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