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Wrestlers With the Most Devastating Clotheslines

The clothesline–a wrestling maneuver that looks to easy to do, but can be painful if done right. The clothesline is where a wrestler will strike their opponent with their entire arm in a forward lunging motion either standing or while running. Usually the wrestlers who happen to have the most devastating clotheslines are power wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar or Bray Wyatt. But don’t underestimate the smaller athletic guys. They can pack a punch behind their clotheslines as well. Here’s a list of current and former wrestlers who know how to drop their opponents.

1. Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate can knock anyone on their ass no matter their size. Lesnar’s clothesline usually involves him running and attacking the opponent. Those muscular arms can give any opponent whiplash with the force coming from Lesnar’s swings. Lesnar isn’t as fast as he used to be, so he can’t swing as swiftly, but he still has enough power with his swing to do damage.

2. Bray Wyatt. The leader of the Wyatts usually uses the clothesline to catch his opponents off guard. His opponent will bounce off of the ropes while his back is turned and Bray will spin quickly with his arm out for the line. Wyatt usually doesn’t lunge forward with his chest, but the momentum from his fast spin is enough to deck a guy pretty damn hard.

3. Luke Harper. Harper, arguably, could be the best performer out of the Wyatts. He is the only member who has had held a singles title (Intercontinental). Harper’s finisher happens to be the discus clothesline where a wrestler spins as a discus thrower would, gaining momentum, and unleashes the clothesline after completing the turn. Harper is very athletic for a man his size so he gains plenty of speed when he’s making his spin.

4. AJ Styles. Let’s add the Phenomenal One to the mix. I add Styles after Harper as Styles does a discus clothesline himself after he finishes his combo of kicks and elbows. Styles’ clothesline is perhaps the most complex, but beautiful to watch after it’s executed. Styles may be small, but he has a pop to his clothesline. Ask the Miz, whose tooth Styles knocked out via clothesline.

5. Dean Ambrose. The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has an unique clothesline. Ambrose usually uses the clothesline as a rebound maneuver against his opponents. The opponent will strike Ambrose, who will fall with his torso in between the top and the middle ropes. Ambrose will tilt back, then come back, lunging forward with his whole body for the attack.

6. JBL. Arguably, JBL may have the best clothesline of this list. JBL is a huge man that can gather up plenty of speed. JBL usually runs into the ropes, bounces off with his speed, and comes off of the ropes laying out his opponent with his whole frame. JBL also has a good rotation with his arm, straightening it out before the blow. JBL goes for the head/neck area for the delivery. His power and his force is similar to the last man on this list.

7. Stan “The Lariat” Hansen. The 2016 WWE Hall of Famer and his clothesline was frightening. Hansen has actually injured wrestlers with his vicious version of the clothesline. In a match with Bruno Sammartino in the seventies, Hansen hit Sammartino so hard with the clothesline that it broke Sammartino’s neck. This match earned Hansen the nickname, “The Lariat.” 

There are many more wrestlers that are worthy of being on this list. I plan on making another list down the road. I hope that you enjoyed this first one.


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