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Wrestlers With the Most Devastating Clotheslines

The clothesline–a wrestling maneuver that looks to easy to do, but can be painful if done right. The clothesline is where a wrestler will strike their opponent with their entire arm in a forward lunging motion either standing or while running. Usually the wrestlers who happen to have the most devastating clotheslines are power wrestlers… Continue reading Wrestlers With the Most Devastating Clotheslines

Late Nights in the Silver Age

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Part One) (March 1963)

After the success that Amazing Fantasy #15 had, Marvel decided to give the wall crawler his own series. The first issue of Amazing Spider-Man was released in March 1963. The ish featured two stories that would introduce two new antagonists that are still used to this day. The first story introduces J. Jonah Jameson, who… Continue reading Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Part One) (March 1963)