Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t and I’m okay with that. I understand why people choose to do so. It’s a new year and it’s an opportunity for people to start fresh. 365 new days to get things right.

To me, I’m not that way. Yes, I do acknowledge that it’s a new year, but whatever I’ve been doing right from last year , I’m going to continue to do in the new year. We all can make plans of what we want to do for the new year, but we’re never going to know if they will come to fruition. That’s why I like taking things from day-to-day because we’re never truly promised a tomorrow. I try to do something positive for me every single day.

Positivity can come from anything or anywhere. Maybe it’s from doing something out of your comfort zone or doing things that you already do that make you happy. We’re all going to have bad days, but we can still achieve something positive in those days. Someone may do us wrongly, but we can turn it around by doing something nice to someone else. Happiness is achieved by your own actions and how you live on a daily basis. So, how you handle things on just one day can affect your whole year. Always keep track of what you do.


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